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When you join into our server, we are dedicated to providing you with friendly service, a welcoming atmosphere,excellent performance with the highest quality graphics.We always enjoy hearing from our players. Your opinion means so much to us, and gives us insight as to how we can continue improving our server. If you could take a moment to send us your feedback we would really appreciate it.Join our Discord Server or visit our Forum! In the begining the world was a void! Virendra said " Lets get our FRAG ON " Thus was born the idea and the desire that was to become Clan RpG
( RaMpAgE ).

It didnt take long for like minded folks to start chatting and before you knew it a bond was begining to form and from that bond grew the idea that " hey we should clan up ". From humble beginings and a mad almost hypnotic draw to the best of the Call of Duty series Modern Warfare or COD4 as we all know it grew what is now fast becoming a family oriented Gaming Clan. At Clan RpG we have all sorts of folks from all walks of life, also from all around the world from India,Scotland,Lebanon to the Far and Middle East to the USA and beyond. We are an Honour clan and scores skills and rankings have no meaning for us we operate like a family unit, we argue,we laugh, we do all things clan related together as ONE. So if you want to join our community come and have a chat on our discord and lets get together and have some fun in game.


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